"There are loving and intelligent Black boys sagging their pants, and there are hateful and ignorant ones in suits. We are taught to respect men, mostly White, in suits who commit atrocities everyday, but we have to demonize Black boys and men who sag their pants? And If we are really being honest, the suit has a far more violent, dangerous, and criminal past than sagged pants. Black boys and men who sag their pants have not come close to equaling the violence and criminality of White men in suits. It has never been about what Black people are, it has always been about what we are associated with, in this racist society–whether in a suit or sagging our pants."
Anti-Intellectual//Response to Don Lemon (via queenpoetic)

Also, asking the abuse to change superficial behaviour in order to avoid abuse is abusive. Tell the abuser to stop abusing.

"So three Black women in maybe two thousand pages of women’s magazines and all of them biracial or racially ambiguous, so they could be Indian or Puerto Rican or something. Not one of them is dark. Not one of them looks like me, so I can’t get clues for makeup from these magazines. Look, this article tells you to pinch your cheeks for color because all their readers are supposed to have cheeks you can pinch for color. This tells you about different hair products for everyone—and everyone means blondes, brunettes, and redheads. I am none of those. And this tells you about the best conditioners—for straight, wavy and curly. No kinky. See what they mean by curly? My hair could never do that. This tells you about matching your eye color and eye shadow—blue, green, and hazel eyes. But my eyes are black so I can’t know what shadow works for me. This says that this pink lipstick is universal, but they mean universal if you are white because I would look like a golliwog if I tried that shade of pink. Oh look, here is some progress. An advertisement for foundation. There are seven different shades for white skin and one generic chocolate shade, but that is progress. Now let’s talk about what is racially skewed. Do you see why a magazine like Essence exists?"

-An excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah (2013)

I cannot wait to buy this book. 

(via il-tenore-regina)

"The most universal definition of slave is stranger. Torn from kin and community, exiled from one’s country, dishonored and violated, the slave defines the position of the outsider. She is the perpetual outcast, the coerced migrant, the foreigner, the shamefaced child in the lineage. Contrary to popular belief, Africans did not sell their brothers and sisters into slavery. They sold strangers: those outside the web of kin and clan relationships, nonmemebers of the polity, foreigners and barbarians at the outskirts of their country, and lawbreakers expelled from society. In order to betray you race, you had to first imagine yourself as one. The language of race developed in the modern period in the context of the slave trade."
— Saidiya Hartman, Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route, p. 5 (via so-treu)



So these two bits really stood out to me in 02x09. This was one of the few times I’ve so furiously disliked Louis. I don’t know if the juxtaposition was intentional, and I doubt the writers would elaborate even if it were, but it definitely stuck out to me. How dare he imply that Jessica doesn’t know what it’s like to be in someone else’s shadow? Her race and gender ensure that she will!

The thing is, as a woman, and as a Black person, Jessica has had the deck doubly stacked against her from the start. She’s mentioned this before, and both then and now, has indicated that she is very much aware of how rare it is for a Black woman to be in her position and she considers herself fortunate. That’s the difference between her and Louis and even Harvey. Women, and especially women of color, do tend to be grateful when they get opportunities. And this affects them very materially. While Louis and Harvey, as white men, are much more confident and entitled in their positions. They do the work? They should get the rewards, simple as that. And as wonderful as that would be for everyone, that’s not the case.

Jessica shouldn’t need to be grateful to Hardman, but she is. And sad as it is, Hardman did actually take on a higher risk by picking her. People take risks in every decision, especially when managing other people. Who should go where, who should do what. Nobody’s perfect at everything, nobody is the smartest at every single aspect of the job. Pros and cons are weighed, somebody who might be a great people person but not so great at the technical parts could be promoted over an awkward expert. Somebody who may seem like a rock star may turn out to be a dud. The best might burn out early or have only been lucky or may turn out to be exceedingly unlucky. Hardman weighed all of this and the still existing racist and sexist business environment that would only work against Jessica, and thus, him, and still took her as his protege and she was grateful to him. Harvey knows that this is because Hardman realized that she was good enough to overcome any of these handicaps, just as he knows he was good enough to be picked by Jessica and then good enough to demand every raise and promotion we’ve seen him get.

On the other hand, we know that Mike is grateful to Harvey for giving him the job and support he did, too, because aside from all the normal risks, there are the huge marks against him where he’s a former drug addict and has no law degree, thus opening up Harvey and the firm to a huge liability. Mike should be grateful to Harvey. But the reasons why Jessica is grateful to Hardman? The similarity in the situations? A white man’s drug addiction and legal action-worthy lies are analogous to simply being a Black woman.

Yes. We begin to really understand why Jessica hates Daniel in this episode; because he really was what she is to Harvey, what Harvey is to Mike. Daniel is her mentor, the star she hitched her ambition to. It must have been so, so hard to see what he was up to — this person who she really believed was working for the good of the firm was in fact siphoning off money for his own selfish, personal ends. And when he tells her, later, that Jessica was only ever meant to be his lieutenant! 

No wonder Jessica goes after him as hard as she went. Daniel didn’t just betray the firm, he betrayed HER. Its personal. (And its personal to Harvey, because Jessica got hurt, and he’s just that loyal.)

And not to derail, but I think Louis and Harvey have a different perspective on entitlement — I think Harvey gets a lot more and gets a lot further than Louis does because he is a Christian, as opposed to Louis, who is Jewish. There’s a whole paradigm of masculinity that Louis can never have access to, that Harvey wears like its his birthright. (which, it is.) But to tell JESSICA that she couldn’t possibly understand what its like to live under someone else’s shadow? JESSICA, who has worked much harder and come much further under much greater prejudice? 

Louis was distinctly unlikable, in this episode. 

Why Whites Hate Affirmative Action


Lack of knowledge on the actual policies. Very few people actually understand the original executive orders, subsequent judicial decisions and legislation beyond sound bites via “news” that is insistent upon painting this as “taking stuff” from Whites for Black people (as if it is “just” about Black people). Honesty, how many White people have reviewed the actual history of why this is needed? It’s almost as rare to find as anyone who calls themselves “patriotic” who has actually read the Constitution or a Christian who has read the Bible. Media soundbites shaped by bigotry (in a White supremacist capitalist patriarchal society) absorbed by many Whites whose life ideologies have been shaped by bigotry is not going to produce the nuance and thought necessary to understand affirmative action. (Even so, these two simple, non in-depth cartoons explain this almost as well as the complex legalese: 1 and 2.)

Anti-intellectualism. Piggybacking on the first point, the current culture of anti-intellectualism doesn’t encourage most White people (and Americans at large) to actually investigate things they are “for” or “against.” It’s much simpler to decide to be “for” anything shaped by a legacy of White supremacy and White privilege and against anything that appears to be contrary to the former. Whites are used to being a “baseline,” the “norm,” or not considered a group at all, but those whom other groups are compared to.  Sociopolitically, many Whites are having a “day of reckoning” moment by even being classified as a “group,” or a “race” as Tom Scocca pointed out so well in a recent article about Romney’s overwhelming support from Whites. These factors contribute to the resistance to affirmative action.

Ahistorical views on race. If a White person takes the “why isn’t there a White history month” and “why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television station” stances on Whites and the media, it can be safely assumed that they are either uneducated or being willfully ignorant about the role of race in America and why certain spaces exist for Black people amidst the media, public discourse and culture itself. By pretending that the tide of history has no racial element, they can then infer that if everyone “is equal” (as if being equal means being treated equally) Black people are “unfairly” getting “goodies” through affirmative action. This also ignores the fact that even with said theoretical ”goodies,” unemployment, health care, finances, real estate, and more is markedly worse for Black people (and other people of colour) versus White. The latter is written off as Black “character failures” in the ever so common victim blaming ideologies such as American “exceptionalism” and even “patriotism” at times. This is where LIES about “poverty culture” come about as a way to praise greed, wealth and Whiteness and demonize suffering, poverty and Blackness.

The concept of what “greatness” is. The inherent racism involved in assuming that someone White is always “more” qualified, as if being White is a skill itself, is common in everything from college admissions to employment applications. The idea is that some “stupid” minority “stole” a slot from the perfect White knight on a horse who deserved things because he “worked” for them prevails. Further, the idea that perhaps a series of advantages afforded by White privilege is “hard work” would be even more humorous if it wasn’t despicable. Said privileges often place Whites ahead in spaces by sheer virtue of the luxury of Whiteness, not any actual work.  The myth of meritocracy is a plague on the American psyche. (Christopher Hayes wrote about this oh too well in his book Twilight Of The Elites - America After Meritocracy. Also, I recently read a fascinating study about the REALITY of financial aid versus the myth that “stupid” minorities “take all of the college monies,” and other assorted lies.)

A zero/sum view of racism. Ultimately, many Whites feel that any joy, success or progress in Black life means misery, failure and regression in White life. Period. This tunnel vision view is rooted in racism and fear. Research has revealed that many cisgender heterosexual White men feel like the “real” victims in America. Even if they are victims, would that not be at the hands of men just like them, except of a higher social class? Not to them. Racist social narratives involve the worship of “job creators” (the same ones who fire these men) as heroes because after all, they share Whiteness even if they don’t share class, status or cash. Other research has revealed that while some Whites view past times (during and pre-Civil Rights era) as a time more racist against Blacks, they view today as “more racist” against Whites. Of course this is false and has more to do with the idea of some Black people not suffering and Barack Obama’s existence more than any in-depth study of how race is a primary factor to consider when examining socioeconomic status. The enlightened exceptionalism involved in some who even choose to praise Oprah or Beyonce or LeBron James is what allows them to pretend that life for the average and for most Black people has dramatically changed, when for many, it has not. Claims of “reverse racism,” which doesn’t exist, are more common now than ever.

People who benefit from affirmative action also want it destroyed. While more than anyone else, White women have benefited from affirmative action, many of them stand with White men against affirmative action while simultaneously benefiting from it. Most people now know the name Abigail Fisher and know it well. Further, many older Black people (primarily men from what I’ve seen) want it dismantled despite the fact they benefited from it in the past. They clearly knew that in their time especially, being qualified was not enough. Assumed inferiority blocked their way.

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"The confederate flag means more than slavery."




Please do everyone on earth a fucking favor and cut out your god damn tongue.

My mama always said if white people really felt that the confederate flag was supposed to be a southern pride thing, not a racist thing, why would white folks be okay with the KKK, and White Supremacist using it as their symbol. 

I said that in school once and got nothing but silence. 

I have a friend from South Carolina who told me that she believed that the confederate flag flying at the city hall of the town where she lived was a symbol of the state’s culture and history. She believed that until she found out that that flag was not a historical relic from the 1860s but rather had been put there specifically as a response to the desegregation of schools.

Not racist thing my ass.



Dude with a PhD (same dude responsible for Swift Boating) claims Obama’s wedding ring has the Muslim shahada inscribed on it.
We have reached wingnut critical mass, people.



Dude with a PhD (same dude responsible for Swift Boating) claims Obama’s wedding ring has the Muslim shahada inscribed on it.

We have reached wingnut critical mass, people.


Apparently, white people get real mad when you say “dear white people”




So I’m gonna get real specific for these coddled asses. When I vent about white people, I’m talking about DAILY fucking doses of:

1. White tumblr users who mock and bitch about “SJ bloggers” at every fucking turn. Oh, we’re just a bunch of keyboard warriors who don’t do anything in real life? I’m sorry, let me just turn off my computer and see if black people stop getting shot and brutalized by white people, if brown people stop getting bombed, if Indigenous peoples stop having genocidal atrocities perpetuated against them, and if women of colour stop getting shat on from all corners of the earth.

Well, look at that. Systemic oppressions still exist and mainstream media parrots the same feel-good white shit. We don’t get to pick and choose if we’re affected by “social justice” based on the contents of our blog. Our whole entire fucking lives revolve around trying to ward off the disease that is whiteness, whether we blog about cats or porn or racism. Feel free to go play on a slip-and-slide lined with broken glass, ya ignorant asstrumpet.

2. White expats/tourists who go to majority-PoC countries and think that their ability to “navigate” the culture excuses every colonial/imperialistic blight they’ve introduced to humanity and deprives them of their global white privilege. You spent centuries trying to stomp us out of existence, but now our clothes, food, customs, innovations, and languages are up for grabs and you get to decide if they’re cool or barbaric. You’re engaging in the same cultural appropriation as any other white asshole, but taking it a step further overseas.

And if foreigners ever dare to be “uppity” to you, that’s totally like REVERSE RACISM although that entire country will likely turn themselves inside fucking out if a white foreigner ever gets lost/hurt/killed, which is a privilege not afforded to the average PoC (see Lucie Blackman, Natalee Holloway, Madeleine McCann, Meredith Kercher, Taylor Anderson et al). So fuck you entitled expats. I hope the next time you decide to use us as another notch in your colonial sightseeing belt, I hope it turns into a season of Lost and you all get stranded except you have to eat each other to survive.

3. White identity-policing nationalists (often armed with white-defending PoC who are ready to shit on us on command), waxing white poetic about how like how diasporic PoC aren’t really [insert ethnicity] by the virtue of being of ~tainted~ diasporic stock. Or if we can’t maintain perfect bilingualism while eating an ice cream cone upside down while dancing on one foot and meet XYZ criteria, we’re not [insert ethnicity]. But at the same time, we will never be true Americans/Canadians/Australians/Brits/etc. Because whiteness dictates that we discard hundreds and thousands of years of our heritage for the sake of assimilation while still being marked as non-citizens in the countries that exploited everything we had to give (everything from backbreaking labour to our own children ripped out of our cold, dead hands). Motherfucking colonial logic.

4. White anti-choicers who don’t know when to shut the entire fuck up about vaginas and uteruses they don’t own, who think active sex lives are a greater sin than state-sanctioned abuse and poverty, but huddle en masse under an invisibility cloak when actual women & children need help. Typical slutshaming deadbeats who bleat on about personal responsibility, yet won’t acknowledge the damage they do by voting in legislation that cuts access to contraceptives, sex education, child care, or any form of social assistance. And in all my years of challenging their malicious propaganda, I rarely found a non-white anti-choice face in sight. Conversely, I was into pro-choice advocacy long before I found any anti-racist spaces online, but it led me to a lot of great WoC. You know who you are. ;)

5. White vegans who are mostly in their teens and early 20s and have never had to think about feeding a young family, who think everyone has the same health conditions, resources, opportunities, and cultural traditions, who think animals deserve to be treated better than PoC, who then compare racism to animal cruelty as if PoC have never been treated worse than animals, and who make it a point to antagonize everyone from Native Americans to rape victims to fat people to diabetic folks. After all your vicious trolling, you shouldn’t be too mad when people tell you to drink bleach. That’s vegan, right?

6. White artists who think their pretentious ~artistic integrity~ (as in every kid with photoshop and a tablet is an artist, lolol) is more important than not being a racist douchefuck. And when all fails, you blame whitewashing on “lighting” or the unwashed masses not understanding ~your craft~. Same goes for certain tattoos, body mods, hairstyles, or anything of PoC origins that gets snatched up by white vultures. White privilege is having anything that is on/from your body being lauded for “art” no matter how fucking unhygienic or gross it is.

7. White LGBT folks who silence and drown out PoC/WoC in their communities, then have the nerve to co-opt racism and the civil rights movement to say how homophobia is so much worse than anything EVER. Nine same-sex couples featured on the cover of Seattle Weekly, but not one fucking peep about how at least six pairs are men and ALL of them are white/lightskinned PoC. But white dudes aren’t in it for themselves at all!!11

8. White derailers who think it’s their godgiven right to invade and colonize every fucking conversation we have about our own experiences, like the “dear white people” movie and the post about PoC-themed birthday parties that made every other whitey come out of the woodwork to cry about how hard it is to be white. You’re right, I can’t imagine what it’s like to own most of the world’s wealth and have everyone conform to whiter-than-white standards of communication, aesthetics, historical truthfulness, etc. while using most of its resources like a bloated parasite. Poor you!

9. White feminists who often incorporate all of the fucking above, as terrifying as it is. Because as much as they looove talking about their vegan shit and dreadlocks and slutwalks and pagan goodness and everything else they’ve stolen, appropriated, or hijacked, the only women in the world are white cis women.

10. And you think you have it so fucking hard because someone called you a cracker. Stop the presses, someone referenced the fact that white people built their prosperity on the blood and bones of Indigenous/Black/Latin@/Asian peoples while CRACKING A FUCKING WHIP.

When we say that we hate whiteness, it doesn’t mean that we hate you for having sensitive skin (stop talking about your sunburns, no1curr about the SPF in your fucking Coppertone), recessive traits, or how you think your awkwardness is endearing. It means we hate the system created by white folks that destabilized entire countries, changed the entire composition of ethnic groups via slavery/genocide/expulsion, and determined geopolitical borders in almost every continent according to what YOU wanted. Instead of admitting “well, our ancestors royally screwed over most of the world aside from that stretch of land inhabited by penguins, maybe we should try to remedy that,” you act like you had nothing to do with the previous generations’ atrocities while still benefiting from everything they did. White people’s greed and their shameless lack of accountability have literally killed hundreds of millions of PoC around the world so that YOU could thrive, and the best you can do is shrug and say “wasn’t me personally.” That is why you are a disease in every sense of the word.

Nuanced enough for you?

This is the first and last time you’ll get a detailed explanation of what I mean when I say “white people.” Read this shit and commit it to memory.


Step One: Don’t talk about race. Don’t point out skin color. Be “color blind.”

Step Two: Actually, that’s it. There is no Step Two.

Congratulations! Your children are well on their way to believing that <insert your ethnicity here> is better than everybody else.

Surprised? So were authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman when they started researching the issue of kids and race for their book NurtureShock. […] What Bronson and Merryman discovered, through various studies, was that most white parents don’t ever talk to their kids about race. The attitude (at least of those who think racism is wrong) is generally that because we want our kids to be color-blind, we don’t point out skin color.

And what are they learning? Here are a few depressing facts:

  • Only 8% of white American high-schoolers have a best friend of another race. (For blacks, it’s about 15%.)
  • The more diverse a school is, thelesslikely it is that kids will form cross-race friendships.
  • 75% of white parents never or almost never talk about race with their kids.
  • A child’s attitudes toward race are much harder to alter after third grade, but a lot of parents wait until then (or later) before they feel it’s “safe” to talk frankly about race.


“But I don’t see color!” Yes, yes you do. You’re just denying its existence. Brilliant article.

"racism against white people"


let me break down why this is a fallacy. and why, even if we take the hypothetical route and say that it ISN’T a fallacy, why whatever white people experience and designate as “racism” isn’t actually enough to live up to the word.

most of what i’ve seen that white folks claim as racism include:

  • snide, unflattering comments about white people made by PoC
  • being ganged up on (whether real or imagined) by PoC
  • being excluded/ousted from PoC conversations that are meant to be cathartic or otherwise don’t require white input
  • being hurt on a single or very few occasions
  • being called “cracker”, a word which has never been used in tandem with atrocious acts of widespread violence
  • being told they are racist

now, let’s compare this to what PoC have claimed as acts of racism:

  • being killed by authority figures without retribution
  • being killed by white laypeople without retribution
  • laws and social practices that prevent PoC from working or living certain places
  • being considered nonhuman (i.e., having their struggles compared to animal rights, being seen as solely sexual objects, being used as “passes” into other cultures, etc)
  • being called various racial slurs that have long been used in tandem with atrocious acts of violence (physical, emotional, psychological)
  • having their experiences with racism relegated to baseless claims by “the SJ community”, in which “SJ community” is used as an insult. 
  • having their accomplishments downplayed solely on the basis of their race
  • being incarcerated at a greater rate than their white counterparts for the exact same crimes, despite disparities in the rate that each groupp commits said crimes. 

and that’s just a short list. 

do you see the dissonance here?

or do you just wanna keep crying and throwing around words to make yourself feel better when you get called out on your shit or decide you wanna comment on some shit that wasn’t fucking meant for you?



Teen Claims She Was Handcuffed By Aggressive Cops For Using Student MetroCard


Note how they keep saying “claims” as if it can’t be true because it’s a WoC as if we’re all liars and this doesn’t happen to us all the time.


A 15-year-old Harlem student claims she was roughed up, handcuffed, and detained by aggressive cops who mistakenly thought she was too old to be using a student MetroCard. “They called me liar,” Alexis Sumpter told the News of the July 26 incident. “Then they grabbed me by my arms and flung me up the stairs. I kept saying, ‘I’m only 15—why are you guys doing this?’ They said they didn’t owe me an explanation.”

Sumpter, who attends Harlem Village Academies, was on her way to her first day at a marketing internship on Canal Street when two plainclothes cops spotted her using her student MetroCard at the 125th Street Station. “They didn’t approach me in a calm manner and they were very rude the whole time,” she said. “They were talking to me like they were trying to show they were superior to me.” The DOE confirmed the card is valid until Aug. 17.

The cops demanded to know how old she was, but didn’t believe her when she said she was 15—she told them she didn’t have ID because she had recently been mugged for her iPhone and wallet. She says a third cop joined them, and pressed her face to a wall while the other two cuffed her. Cops called her father, who vouched that she was 15; still not believing her, they called her mother, who rushed over with her daughter’s birth certificate. Alexis was held in custody for 90 minutes altogether, and wasn’t arrested or given a summons; but she did go to the hospital because the handcuffs caused swelling on her wrists.

Alexis says she avoids that train now: “I don’t want to see them again,” she said. “I don’t want to have to go through that again.” The whole situation sounds eerily similar to the frivolous arrest of a 21-year-old female student who was held by NYPD for 36 hours for not carrying ID in Riverside Park—Sumpter’s situation also calls to mind the Charleston-dancing couple who claims they spent 23 hours in custody for dancing while waiting for the subway.

The bolded. I know that we’re suppose to use this type of language because folks are guilty until proven innocent but…just no.

Even if she was too old enough to use that MetroCard was that type of force necessary? No, no, no, hell no.


cheescaeks asked: My friend just used “blacks” when referring to black people, I know that its wrong and very much racist, but I’m not sure how to word it. Should I say that its demeaning and reduces the person to an adjective and removes their humanity? Or is there a better way to explain this?




“its demeaning and reduces the person to an adjective and removes their humanity”

That explains it perfectly.

(Rebloggable by request)

Calling “African Americans” Blacks is perfectly acceptable, look at the amount of prominent black people who call themselves black. The term “African American” is just sheltering race issues, people who say “african american” are saying “I’m not racist”. There are no race issues get over them, if we keep talking about race like it is an egg shell to walk around then it will keep being a problem. Just stop thinking about race! Think of people as human beings. If people insist on being called African American then people should insist on being called European American instead of White. 

Would someone care to explain to me what the fuck this bullshit is?

Dear gopidiots, I’m gonna attempt to explain this in a way that makes sense. Saying there are no race issues because you don’t see them is like saying there is no air because you don’t see it. It’s an ignorant statement. For PoC, race is involved in everything we do. From codeswitching to our bodies and the right to exist without the state perpetuating violence and sanctioning violence perpetuated against us, WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT EVERYDAY. You saying it’s not there just invalidates us and I’m sorry but this is not a space wherein you’re allowed to rob us of our voice. If you feel that way leave. If you’d like to understand hit google up.